"One of the most difficult part of floor work is sanding. Our guys are trained to sand the toughest floors out there. Whether it's soft, hard or damaged finish we will exam and do the proper sanding procedures to make your floor looks good. "

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       I would like to share my honest thoughts regarding one of the most important factors in wood floor sanding that is dust. In this day in age of modernize and futuristic living there is a huge demand in floor sanding that requires DUSTLESS. 9 out of 10 people that are looking to have their floor done will ask for dustless sanding. First of all there is no 100% dust free floor sanding. If there is any process that involves sanding then it will create dust. No dust, no sand. Perhaps the traditional ways of floor sanding always seem to leave messy dust on walls, trims, molding etc...

      Now thanks to new technologies and inventions that put DCS (dust containment system) out in the field. There are pros and cons about it. This DCS system helps solved the common dust problem. The real dustless floor sanding system requires every sanding machine hooked up to the extractor vacuum. With powerful vacuums and lead air hoses to its sanders, it removes and eliminates all airborne dusts while sanding or keep it to a minimum. However there is no system out there that guaranteed 100% free of dust. It only helps to contain it within our control. DCS is good but there is a flaw to this system as well in terms of cost and time. The system is can be expensive at any cost. Plus there is time consuming in the set up. Most companies like it most don't. It's all depends on specific price that customer is willing to pay. Therefore a lot of floor sanding companies out there charging more to use the system.  

       As a customer, of course you want a nice non messy environment in your house while having floor refinished. On the other hand, you could be over charged when ask about Dustless sanding. In our company all of our equipments have been upgraded to DCS. We use it on the regular basis. Any quote you get from us is included DCS. We wont yap or say any fancy things when ask about it. It's one of our standards when refinishing wood floor. DCS sanding not only benefits you as a customer but it also benefits us for our health concerns. We'll be able to breath air more comfortably. No more wearing bulky gas respirator (that helps to prevent toxic dust from old finishes). Though the set up takes more time than normal non DCS sanding but with it we also will be able to live longer to continue servicing you. 

Above is all i can say if you want to see DCS in action click HERE.