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All types of wood flooring whether it is unfinished, pre-finished, engineered flooring etc...they're all somehow need to be refinished. It’s just a matter of when is the right time to do it. Normally on the average people refinish their floors after ten or more years of use. The reason i say ten years because most likely everyone now has factory-finished flooring inside their home. From ten years down, the so called factory finished floor will start to defect and it needs to be refinished in order to prevent any major damages to the wood. Site finished or unfinished flooring is the same, if any wear and tear you see on your floor then that is the sign. Majority of people refinish their floors before they about to move in or out of their home. Is your floor ready for refinishing?

There are two types of refinishing. One is complete (resanding) refinish which means to sand off old layers of finish to bare-wood then apply new finishes. You do this when you want to change your floor color or updating your interior look. The other is light (recoating) refinishing. This process is when you want to clean your wood floor. By doing this you adding another layer of protection of finish to your wood floor so it can last longer. In another word if your floor is still in a good condition then it does not have to sand out to bare wood. A prep deep cleaning application is suitable for unsanded wood flooring, like thin layer of engineered or factory finished flooring. 

Most likely you have to do a complete refinish if there are a lot of wears and tears for example finish peeling off, water stained, floor is buckling or warping, pets urination etc... 

Below are few samples of what a typical refinishing job looks like BEFORE and AFTER.